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很多新人都以為香港只有唯美的婚紗及婚禮攝影模式,大家都一窩蜂追捧唯美式的擺拍,堆切華麗的場景,那舉辦一場婚禮就真的只為了表達 “美” 嗎?除了美就沒剩下半點故事了嗎?


婚禮紀實並不是什麼新穎的拍攝手法,在歐美一直都是主流,而我們再加入 “唯美” 原素,令您們的婚禮既情感、美好的畫面的記錄下來。



Kel Li Art Gallery


Most couples think posing for wedding photography is the only choice in Hong Kong. They look for so called “perfect” photos in the wedding. They film their wedding like a music video with script and every story line. Isn’t your wedding all about perfection but nothing left?

A great wedding is full of tears and joy. All you should do in your wedding is simply forget the camera and enjoy being present with family, friends and the beloved. Enjoy every precious moment.

Photojournalism is not something new. It’s the prevailing shooting style in Europe and USA. We add on a little spice called “Aesthetics” to capture the real moments in a beautiful way.  

Awards | 獎項
2018 – Top 10 Wedding Photographer(Wedding Magazine)
2017 – Top 10 Wedding Photographer(Wedding Magazine)
2016 – Silver Awards from the largest yearly Print Competition from American WPPI, a total of 3 awards
2016 – Silver Distinction & Silver awards from American WPPI
2016 – 4 Excellence award from Asia WPA
2015 – Best 10 Wedding Photographers in Hong Kong (2nd year)
2015 – PPAC(Professional Photographer Asia Conference – Assigned speaker
2015 – 5 Excellence Awards from AsiaWPA in different categories
2015 – Honors of Excellence of 5 awards from American WPPI in different categories
2015 – Gold award of British SWPP in the category Open Avant Garde
2015 –  Honors of Excellence – Silver Award from the largest yearly Print Competition from American WPPI, a total of 6 awards in different categories
2015 – Out-of-Box Award from Abstract Canvas
2015 – Selected to be an official She.com pro-chat blogger
2014 – Best 10 Wedding Photographers in Hong Kong by All About Wedding Magazine
2014 – 5 Excellence Awards from AsiaWPA in catgories of  Get Ready, Engagement, Emotion & Bride / Groom Alone
2014 – 3rd place and silver award in Groom & Bride Together category from American WPPI
2014 – First HK photographer gaining the Honor Roll from Wedding Industry Experts
2013 – Bronze award from One Eyeland
2013 – Accolade of Excellence from WPPI
2014~2016 won over 40 awards / 共獲得超過40項國際獎項